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Panelists take a closer look at what drove Trump's victory


So what happened?

“Fuck if I know,” Democratic pollster Jefrey Pollock said bluntly Wednesday at the start of a panel discussion in midtown that served as a morning-after critique of Donald Trump's stunning victory over Hillary Clinton.

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Remembering Crown Heights, 25 years later


On a November morning in 2013, Bill de Blasio went to a public library to cast his vote in that year’s mayoral election and then left his Park Slope neighborhood for a quick trip to nearby Crown Heights.

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Kellyanne Conway

Conway wishes 'joyless' Clinton had 'self-awareness'


Kellyanne Conway, a top White House adviser to President Donald Trump, used part of her Thursday night address to the New York State Conservative Party to poke at a familiar foe: Hillary Clinton.

“Yes, it was her fault she lost,” Conway said of Clinton in Manhattan. “I have found the hard way that a gift all women can give to themselves is self-awareness, and I hope she finds some soon.”

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Bum Rap: Contest Organizer Offers Reward for Return of Stolen Videotapes Documenting $50,000 Rapper-Battle


Video tapes of an international rap contest with a $50,000 grand prize were stolen this weekend, and are now being held ransom, according to the organizer of the two-year-old contest, who sold his home in London to raise the prize money.

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De Blasio on MTA, "They're not spending the money they have."


De Blasio's comments came amid intensified debate over the state government's responsibility for the city's deteriorating transit infrastructure.

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Hope Was on the Way: When John Edwards Tried for a New York City Makeover, as a Lawyer


John Edwards might have begun his public redemption in the center office with the view of City Hall. Or, perhaps, in the larger office down the hall, on the 19th floor of the nondescript office building at 225 Broadway.

“We had bank loans lined up,” said Arthur Schwartz, a union and employment lawyer who met several times with Mr. Edwards last year about co-founding a public-interest law firm in New York City.

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Wreckage and a messy Bloomberg media hit in Rockaway Beach


There was no other press there. ... I took a picture ... Then I hurried back to the New York 1 reporter and crew and told them the mayor was about a block away.

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At private meeting, union head tells officers to use 'extreme discretion'


Police union leader Pat Lynch is telling officers to use “extreme discretion," in response to what he said was a lack of support from City Hall and Washington in the wake of last month's grand jury decision not to indict an officer in the death of Eric Garner. ...

The remarks by Lynch, president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, were made during a delegate meeting last Friday at a catering hall in Queens. A recording of the remarks was obtained by Capital.

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What others are saying


"A Disgrace." 

— Mayor Michael Bloomberg


"Azi just said something pretty brilliant ...

— Chris Matthews, MSNBC host


"You are Mr. New York Politics"

Steve Kornacki, MSNBC host & political correspondent 


Azi Paybarah is a co-founder and host of FAQ NYC, a news podcast. Previously, he was a Senior Reporter for POLITICO New York, focusing on City Hall politics, crime and the NYPD. He also co-wrote POLITICO New York Playbook.

He has covered politics for The New York Observer, WNYC, The New York Sun and the New York Press. He started his career with the Queens Tribune.

Recently, he was a 2017-18 Knight Wallace Fellow, at the University of Michigan.


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Azi Paybarah

Azi Paybarah was born and raised in New York City (Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan). He is a 2001 graduate of the University of Albany, and in 2018, he got married in a comic book store in Brooklyn.

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